Liseberg’s big, new ride for this year is called Helix. This is Scandinavia’s fastest and longest roller-coaster. With a budget of a quarter of a billion, this ride is Liseberg’s largest investment ever.

Helix has double accelerations, speeds of up to 100 km / hr and a force of 4.3 G. The theme park attraction has turned out to be a success, which in turn has made ​​the queues to Helix painfully long.

To make time pass a little quicker, Liseberg has – in partnership with Shout and the development company Sticky Beat – invented a mobile phone game. The mobile phone app contains a few simple games that are inspired by the ride. The game features a practice mode, but in order to play for real, you would need to enter a code displayed on screens by the queue. Each fifteen minutes a winner is pulled out and the prize is that you can jump the queue.

Vertiseit has been responsible for integrating the mobile phone application with the existing system for digital signage. In the queue for Helix, we have installed ten screens showing information on how to download the app, the code to participate in the current round of the competition and current chart of top scores. The winner’s name of every round is obviously displayed too. All of this combined makes the waiting time a little bit more fun and exciting. We are thankful for the vote of confidence.fidence.

Getting ahead of the queue to Helix at Liseberg Theme Park.