The market for Digital Signage continues to grow rapidly. Vertiseit has a strong position in the Nordics, providing retail solutions for digital customer communication. UCUS is specialized in waiting room communications. The company’s prime focus is dental care and health care communication.

“Our expertise in the public sector and Vertiseits resources as a full service Digital Signage provider, gives us new opportunities. The aim is to bring our customers solutions to the next level. We have during a long time collaborated with Vertiseit and this step feels completely natural to take.” Says Kristofer Högberg, Founder, UCUS.

“UCUS has impressed as a niche actor in the field of digital communications for waiting rooms. UCUS contributes with skills to strengthen our offering in this area. The need for relevant, effective and secured communication with both patients and staff is constantly increasing. We look forward to jointly develop solutions that address this need.” Says Johan Lind, CEO, Vertiseit AB.

Vertiseit has acquired all shares in the UCUS. The integration of UCUS has started and we plan to merge the company with Vertiseit during the year. Together we will take digital communication in waiting rooms to the next level.

Vertiseit acquires the Digital Signage company UCUS