Scandlines operates the ferry lines Rödby-Puttgarden and Gedser-Rostock. The ferry line Helsingborg-Helsingör is conducted with a trademark license from HH Ferries Group. When Scandlines decided to invest in new ferries they chose to carry out a procurement in Digital Signage. Vertiseit was entrusted to develop a completely new solution for communication throughout the customer journey.

The solution includes marketing on board and traffic information to ease the customers travel. BorderShop ads are displayed on the southbound journeys and on the northbound journeys communication for enhanced customer loyalty are displayed.

The communication on board is fully GPS-based which means that when the ferries go into predetermined zones on the sea the content on the screens will change according to the ferries position.

Vertiseit is a full service provider for all routes and ferries. The new Digital Signage Solution is integrated on the newly built hybrid ferry Berlin, which runs between Gedser and Rostock.

GPS-controlled Digital Signage for Scandlines