Vertiseit has together with Rejmes Bil Halland developed a unique solution to digitalize the customer journey in the showroom.

The aim of the solution is to strengthen the customer experience and create a seamless customer journey in the showroom. The seller can visualize the whole car needs digitally by touch screens to the customer throughout the sales process. By bringing the digital and physical experience together we simplify the car purchase for the customer.

The content on the screens are managed centrally but local messages can easily be published by using templates in the portal Visual Retail. A total of 29 displays have been installed both indoors and outdoors connected to the car showroom, all with a clear purpose and mission.

Vertiseit and Rejmes continues to develop the digital customer journey together as the showrooms in Halmstad and Falkenberg will be rebuilt.

Rejmes digitalize the customer experience in the showroom