On August 24, 2017, J.Lindeberg opened their remodeled concept store on Sankt Paulsgatan in Stockholm. Vertiseit and J.Lindberg have worked together to create a concept that combines the physical and digital experience.

The purpose of the new concept is to create an arena for customers to experience and build a relationship with the brand. “We have created a cohesive customer journey where the physical and digital collaborate in a way that creates added value in the customer meeting”, says Johan Lind, CEO of Vertiseit.

Digital investments in the concept store

In the store environment, digital sales support is implemented on several different surfaces. The customer can browse the full assortment and look at the pictures from the latest fashion show. All this happens on interactive touch screens that are fully integrated in the store environment.

Large digital surfaces enable presentation of models digitally in life size. Seeing the products in its correct environment and context strengthens the offer both visually and emotionally.

In the next step, Vertiseit and J.Lindeberg will extend the concept further. Endless Aisle, The Product Story and Connected Fitting Room are solutions to be implemented in the next step. RFID technology and sensors that identify and analyze customer movements are technology already implemented and
prepared for the next step.

All communication in the store is done digitally and adapted to every given opportunity and situation. The shop therefore always feels alive and updated when the customer meets the right information at the right time.