The Fitting Room
The Challenge
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"Uniting the strengths of physical and digital in a new retail concept"

What was the challenge?

The challenge

Growing online sales and new consumer behavior are changing retail faster than ever. If you were able to create an entirely new retail concept, what would it look like? A concept store that unites the strengths of physical and digital commerce with the potential to fundamentally change retail.

With a space of only 63 square meters, Vertiseit and Touchtech took on that challenge.

The solution

What we did


In The Fitting Room all of the products were tagged to enable customers to easily take part of the product and brand’s story. Everything from the designer’s thoughts, sustainability information to features that add value to the product.

Orders were placed on interactive touch screens. That way, the staff could use all their time helping and guiding the customers. Orders were delivered directly to the customers from the respective brand’s warehouse.

The results from The Fitting Room are proof that the combination of physical and digital commerce is both more profitable and greener.”
Johan Lind CEO Vertiseit

The Fitting Room was a temporary concept store in Nordstan, Gothenburg where you could try the full range of Wacay clothes and Sneaky Steve shoes in a retail space of only 63 square meters.

The store exceeded expectations by uniting the best qualities of physical and digital commerce. The results show a 43% increase in online sales and a 89% decrease in returns. Square meter sales was almost twice as high as the reference standard in the shopping mall.