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"Volvo Cars strengthens the brand in a seamless customer journey"

What was the challenge?

The challenge

The Volvo brand has evolved from a rational choice to an emotional brand “designed around you”. However, the dealership brand communication wasnt aligned with the new communication platform. Furthermore, the dealerships didn’t support a seamless customer journey, with few possibilities of digital interaction between the channels.

The solution

What we did

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The solution was to strengthen the emotional communication at the dealership. We provided tools for interactive sales support to  create a more unified experience.

In our evaluation the follow-up shows both increased sales and improved customer satisfaction.

The key to success was to properly understand the customer experience, the offer, the local dealership and the Volvo brand.

The Volvo dealership of the future will become more digital and play an important role in the digitized customer journey.
Susanne Åberg Inghammar Tactical Communications Manager, Volvo Cars Sweden

Volvo Cars is a company on a mission; to bring traditional car manufacturing into a connected, sustainable and smart future. Since 1927, Volvo has been a brand known for their commitment to safety, creating innovative cars that make life less complicated for their consumers. Designed around you.