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What we do

We create brand new experiences

With our unique mix of competencies we make the difficult simple and the ordinary special. We believe in what we do, and our passion dares to challenge our customer’s ideas in creating world-leading solutions.

We take retail personal. We enhance the interaction between people and brands – creating brand new experiences. And we would love to work with you.

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We are all about strategy

What do we want to achieve? It is the most important question we answer together with our clients. The answers differ. Creating value, building brands and developing outstanding customer experiences is always a part of it. 

We start off with a deep understanding of your brand, business and market offering. Together with all the stakeholders we identify a well-defined purpose and clear objectives. All sharing the same mission – creating an outstanding and seamless customer journey.

We design
with you in mind

We believe in personal customer meetings. And we want to make them better. The customer meets your brand in a number of different channels. We connect the customer journey from online to in-person with digital touchpoints in-store. 

Empowering employees to deliver outstanding service through digital sales support. Smart and sleek designed with people in mind.

We make things come to life

We want your brand, products and services to look their best. Sometimes we dress them up, sometimes we strip them down. We enhance, reduce and highlight. Making them sparkle, jump or even twirl. We simply make things come to life.

We make you relevant

With cutting-edge technology we make it possible to be relevant in every in-store situation. Personalize your communication with campaign and scenario management triggered by weather, dayparting, sensors or through data integrations.

If you want to take it one step further. We can create data-driven solutions integrated with your PIM or ERP-system. This is all taken care of in Dise – the In-store Experience platform designed specifically for retail.

We put all the pieces together

When it all comes together, we have created an arena for inspiration, knowledge and brand experience. Our solutions span from interactive touch solutions to displays that strengthen inspiration, emotion and identity.

We take full responsibility from concept creation to the daily operation. Including product selection and installation to monitoring and support. Rely on us. 

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